Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Fourth Day, aka Staff Appreciation Day. Keely wrote this.

Today, we did a lot of driving. What was supposed to be three and a half hours turned into five and some. It really only affected the staff, though, which is funny because today was Staff Appreciation Day. When we arrived here at the River Way center, we looked at the Lumbee River and climbed a rock wall. Some people were show-offs, and they played games like ‘Let’s Do Chin-ups on the Wall!’ and ‘Climb Sideways across the Wall!’
This made me jealous.
With us at the River Way center was this really cool dude named Mac Ledgerton. He showed us around, made us bring in firewood, and led us to a showcase of the Indian Education Cultural Academy. We got to see the projects of the students, who were mostly in fourth grade. But we missed the door prizes, which made me sad. I wanted to win some lye soap.
Currently, we just finished dinner, in which we had delicious tacos. Yum yum.

Keely Wednesday, Blogger-in-Chief. I like your face.

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