Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 15 - by Anna Zakelj and Emma Santoianni

                Today Michelle tried very, very hard to wake us all up at 7:00, which to us was actually 6:00 because of the daylight savings. Her attempts were not very successful at first, as only five of us were present at circle, but eventually (after a bit of harassing) the remaining five trip members dragged themselves out of their tents in order to devour the available and scrumptious camping-classic cream of wheat.  After breakfast, we packed up relatively quickly and were driving out of camp at exactly 8:31, on our way to White Oak Pastures, a certified organic cattle ranch not far down the road.
                At White Oak we met with a woman named Jenni Harris, the fifth generation of the Harris family to work the ranch.  The first thing she showed us was the kill floor. It smelled similarly to the yearly AMS turkey slaughter. We saw a recently-deceased cow early in processing, right after skinning. Jenni explained to us that the cows are slaughtered humanely and completely by hand. Then Jenni took us outside and showed us a little house thing where they were raising  black soldier flies so the chickens could eat their larvae and so that the flies could eat the dead cows’ insides to turn them into compost. Then the gay garden manager who Michelle is going to marry someday told us about the soon to be certified organic garden. Then Jenni took us to see the chickens who have no fencing and are fed very little food by humans. Then we went back to the main office and picked up yummy grass fed beef to take back with us.
                 We listened to Harry Potter and consumed delicious cherry Garcia ice cream while driving to Keely’s house. When we got there we were greeted by Nicole Seals whose shoulders immediately struck me as very similar to Michelle Obama’s. She led us into the house where we feasted on chocolate Easter eggs, humus and pita chips, and strange but good chocolate covered pomegranate things. The boys were immediately sucked into the addictive and horrible powers of the wii.  Then Patrick, being the ace that he is, grilled us hamburgers made from the White Oak Pastures meat. Yummy. Then Isaac Ashcraft got crazy and broke a window with his butt which resulted in no window and glass in Isaac’s butt.
                                                             THE END


  1. Whoa- Did I mention that Emma and Anna are my most favorite AMS students ever! Flattery will get you everywhere with me. Seriously, you guys totally rock and can come and break things in my home anytime! It was an honor to be surrounded by such awesome students and instructors. I especially enjoyed the total raid of my library the amount of reading that happened out here and how all pictures of Pete (I mean Pam) are with him holding Adbusters. AMS RAWKS!

  2. Additionally.... Issac "mad window breaker" Ashcraft is hilarious....and has a potential future in window installation..Lauren is straight up enzyme probiotic keeping everyone on track internally and externally, Pete not only plays mean guitar but can also consume 20# of grass fed steak at one sitting....but alas~ sweet Michelle is my new fav. with her mad reading aloud skills and giggles. I wish I were in 7th grade. namaste!

  3. All the yummy food makes me wish I was there, except for the gnat attack. And why wasn't there chocolate covered grass feed beef, I ask?

    I hope you got photos of the manatee swim.

    Did the window incident require stitches? Is this the goofiest accident in AMS Field Trip history?

    See all of you tomorrow!

    John S.