Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day Something-or-Other, aka 5. By Keely Seals.

Today, we woke up in the morning, again. What a coincidence! We had a hardcore party, and we listened to epic thrash metal whilst shaving our heads and dyeing our Mohawks blue. Not really. We just ate some eggs from Fickle Creek.
We went to the Sunset Ranch Organic Farm, where we helped spread organic-certified fertilizers  and lay black plastic. Reginn and I built funny-looking sand castles and destroyed them. We also met Hector, who worked at a Smithfield plant for ten years. He told us a lot about Smithfield, and how if one were to stop the conveyor belt, they would be fired almost immediately. And that a single accident makes you ‘accident-prone’, which makes you go bye-bye! A particularly sad bit is that when a buyer is going to the plant, they’ll lead you around into a meeting room and show you a nice little video about the cuts of meat available, completely skating over the way the animals are killed. 
Afterward, we went canoeing/kayaking on the Lumbee River with Mac Ledgerton, wandering around the cypress knees and generally being really happy and not tipping over. Even though I learned that I am probably the single worst kayaker on the face of the planet, I still enjoyed it immensely.
We had spaghetti for dinner, with sausage from Fickle Creek Farm. It was yummy and I liked it a lot. Om nom nom.
Keely Wednesday, signing off again.

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