Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 6 -by Keely Seals

Hello. I am not Reginn Ramsey, who should be blogging right now.
This morning, we got up and went to breakfast at the Golden Corral with Hector and Dr. Davis. It was fun and delicious. It made our ride to Jacksonville a lot faster, that’s for sure—no stopping for snack so soon!
We drove for about seven hours today. At one point, we played Frisbee at a rest stop in South Carolina—later, when we ate snack, we fed the local wildlife at a rest stop in Savannah, Georgia. They began to trust Ethan, which either meant that he is the new Bird Whisperer or that he just has a ton of food. Who knows?
When we arrived at the Geigers’, who are our hosts, we were immediately magnetized to the trampoline and rope swing, and we were so enthralled that we completely missed the zipline until later on. We had curry and rice for dinner, and ice cream for dessert; personally, I felt amazing.
I’m sitting in this cool office-place right now- it’s so cool! It’s nice and warm, and the shower was comfortable in every way. I’m in the mood for a dance party!
Keely Wednesday, signing off ONCE AGAIN. >:C
…even though I volunteered for this.

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