Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 10 - by Emma Santoianni

Today was our last day at the Winsburg’s.  We woke up at a somewhat reasonable hour, like 8:15 or something.  At 9:30 we walked about five feet out of the door to meet with a nice lady named Nancy.  Michelle is going to be just like Nancy when she grows up. Nancy runs what remains of Green Cay farm. She showed us the farm and talked about the different plants and let us eat some of the herbs.  We also saw the old empty silo where owls live. The floor of the silo was littered with mouse bones. We collected some skulls.  When our tour was done, Ted Winsburg pulled up in the tractor and told us if we got on the trailer, he’d give us a ride back to the barn place where we were staying. Afterwards, Ted gave us some papayas.
We went into the apartment thingy. We was super tired. I took a nap. Also, other people took naps.  Then Michelle, Anna, Reginn and I had a blonde party upstairs. But not really a party kind of party. More like a, “Holy buns, am I fried or what? Let’s lie here and talk drowsily” sort of party.
At this point in the day, since we’d woken up at such a perfectly reasonable hour, it was only lunch time. So we ated quesadillas. Then we walked to Publix and bought some popsicles. Then we walked back. Then we had a super crazy dinner with a whole turkey and some sweet potatoes and salad. Then we cleaned the whole house. Then the boys and Pete decided to have exclusive dude time upstairs in the room that you have to go through to get to the bathroom. Keely and I decided to hang out outside on the porch. Anna joined us and we made up a handshake and a tribal dance, then pulled up our pants really, really high.
Bedtime.  Yay.

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