Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 9 - by Isaac Galton

Today was our day to chill and relax.
In the morning, we slept in. Most everyone was awake by nine-thirty and we ate some breakfast burritos around ten. We sat around for a while and finally Keely bugged/convinced us to go to the beach. We got into the van and drove for like half an hour. The drive, especially the one through downtown Delray reconvinced me that Florida is ugly and fake looking, with all their lush, green lawns;  their perfectly trimmed hedges and ornamental plants, and red mulch. Once at the beach we enjoyed the company of lots of old, tan, fat, white people with also some middle aged, tan, fat, white people and some young, tan, white people. Almost everyone got stung by jelly fish within minutes of entering the water so we ended up mostly just making sand creations and sunbathing. We ate lunch, trying to avoid the defecating seagulls overhead. Many people were very happy to leave once we did. Sunburned, hot, sandy, and dehydrated, we walked to the nearest Ben & Jerry’s and spent some kitty money. I got a new flavor with chocolate-covered potato-chip chunks, and it was delic… sorta good. Then we drove back and showered (not at the same time). After games and reading and relaxing we ate and then did some more of that stuff. I’m really happy right now cuz I didn’t put any sunscreen on my ears and not enough on the rest of my body.
                Sincerely, your Clerk/blogger, Isaac Galton


  1. Hope your ears are not fried to a crisp

    & that you find a new flavor at every stop
    Writing is in the DETAILS: WHAT games? WHAT read?

    Travel well,

  2. I am enjoying your blog, F&F team.

    We have used meat tenderizer to stop the sting from jellyfish. It really works well, although it is weird.

    Emma--give us a call!

    John S.

  3. HAH!! Isaac, do I detect a hint of sarcasm? And Anna, what did you do that made Michelle have to practice fixing you up? :( Anyway, up to this point sounds like you guys are having some great fooding adventures. Keep up the great posts!

  4. Keely you know when stung by a jelly fish you pee to take the sting out.....when will this crew arrive on freyer dr?