Friday, February 4, 2011

New organic standards

After learning about the initial reaction against industrial agriculture 50 years ago, and how the definition of organic has changed as USDA certified organic foods have become available in supermarkets and mega-stores across the US, I challenged the class to come up with our own organic standards.

Each requirement on the following list has been debated and approved by everyone in the class. Let us know what you think!

Food and Farms Organic Standards
  • Herbivores cannot eat meat.
  • Farm animals that produce dairy, meat, and /or eggs must have open outdoor grassy pasture.
  • Food cannot travel more than 500 miles from the site of production to the site of consumption. This includes each ingredient in multi-ingredient prepared foods.
  • No synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers can be used.
  • No genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) can be used.
  • No antibiotics or hormones can be given to livestock.
  • Farmers must rotate crops yearly.
  • No artificial ripening of fruits and vegetables. 
  • If a farm is pictured on a food package, the picture must be of a farm that produced at least one of the ingredients in the food product.
  • All ingredients must be listed, including the components of "spices" and "natural flavoring."

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  1. Knowing what is in the secret "natural flavoring" would be a great advancement in food labeling!